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Deciding what to wear for your session makes a huge difference in the look and feel of your images and I know for most it’s a big source of stress before the session. What do I wear is the number one question my clients ask me about before our session and while I do believe wardrobe choice is very important, another, often overlooked, significant factor in a successful session is styling and makeup.  Styling and makeup are often something the client doesn’t think of until the day of the session but these two factors can make or break the entire session. First and foremost I always encourage my clients to use a professional makeup artist or book one of my sessions that includes hair and makeup. I do this for one of many reasons. The most important reason I suggest a pro makeup application is because a pro knows how to apply makeup for the camera. A pro gets a perfect foundation color to match the skin tone and can select the right colors to make the clients features pop! A pro knows how to contour to bring out the right amount of shadow or highlight. Another major reason a professional artist is a great investment is because you come to the session feeling very confident about your look, and we all know it’s so much easier to be photographed if you feel great about yourself!

So I teamed up with the amazing team of Blondie’s Salon at their location in Plano, TX to alleviate this burden for you. They are incredibly talented at hair styling and applying natural make-up and will take the stress out of you to help you to focus on just enjoying your session. Get to know Blondie’s Salon team and their services!

Hair and Makeup

$ 150.00


Add Blondie’s Salon hair and makeup before your session.

Contact Nikole at if you have questions or are interested in using her team’s hair & makeup services for an upcoming session.

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